CleanShield 5 litre alcohol free multi surface cleaner for footballs, goal posts and other surfaces.
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CleanShield 5L Multi-Surface Cleaner

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Product Description

CleanShield Alcohol Free, Multi Surface Cleaner: (Ready to use formulation)

CleanShield Multi Surface Cleaner is designed to bring broad spectrum pathogen protection and biological cleanliness to large areas in an instant. This high-performance sanitising solution is independently proven effective against 99.9% of bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi including Norovirus, Ebola, Covid-19 and MERS. The alcohol free, ready to use, no water formulation can be mopped, sprayed or wiped onto floors, walls, surfaces and equipment providing easy instant germ protection to any environment where the transfer of germs is a concern. CleanShield is safe to use on water safe surfaces.


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Why is CleanShield Multi Surface Cleaner alcohol free?

CleanShield Multi Surface Cleaner has many advantages over alcohol-based products:

• CleanShield Multi Surface Cleaner is effective against spores and viruses such as Norovirus & Covid-19. Alcohol hand gels and surface wipes do not kill spores or non-enveloped viruses.

• CleanShield Multi Surface Cleaner is alcohol free, so it won’t irritate the skin. Alcohol hand gels and surface wipes often contain in excess of 70% alcohol which can dry the skin causing hands to crack and bleed.

• CleanShield Multi Surface Cleaner is proven effective for up to 45 minutes on hands and 3 days on surfaces after its application. Alcohol surface wipes have no residual protection.

• CleanShield Multi Surface Cleaner is non-flammable.


CleanShield is ideal for use in football matches as it is proven effective for up to 45 minutes, this allows you to sanitise before the match, at halftime, and after the match.


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CleanShield compared to Sodium Hypochlorite:

CleanShield Multi Surface Cleaner

Sodium Hypochlorite

• Neutral, non-toxic & non-hazardous to skin, surfaces and the environment

• Can be used on soft furnishings

• Efficacy does not degrade over time

• Stable in storage

• Kind to skin

• Odourless

• Inert and non-reactive

• Ready to use

• 3-year shelf life

• Caustic to tissues and equipment

• Cannot be used on soft furnishings

• Effectiveness quickly diminishes

• Unstable at elevated temperatures

• Irritates the skin

• Pungent smell

• Oxidises in contact with metals

• Needs to be diluted

• 6-month shelf life


CleanShield compared to Alcohol products:

CleanShield Multi Surface Cleaner

Alcohol Products

• Kills non enveloped viruses including Norovirus

• Kills spores

• Provides residual protection

• No religious implications

• Leaves skin feeling soft

• Non flammable

• Odourless

• Doesn’t kill non enveloped viruses and in some cases can make them worse

• Doesn’t kill spores

• No residual protection

• Religious implications

• Irritates the skin

• Flammable

• Pungent smell

Other Details

Average Coverage:
40m²/1 litre
Bacteria proven to act against::
– Staphylococcus aureus – Pseudomonas aeruginosa – E.coli – Enterococcus hirae – Salmonella – Listeria – Legionella
Viruses proven to act against::
– Norovirus – SARS – Influenza – Hepatitis – HIV – MERS – Ebola – Covid-19
Fungi proven to act against::
– Aspergillus niger – Candida albicans
Spores proven to act against::
– Bacillus subtilis

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