Eco Pro spray line marking machine with two free 10 litre drums of Direct ready-to-use line marking paint. Mark multiple sports pitches with one battery charge, use with Pitchmark line marker paints when marking your grass sports pitches.
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Eco Pro Spray Line Marker (with 20L Direct free!)

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Product Description

The Eco Pro is a high-end upgraded version of our popular Eco Club spray marker, and is just as easy-to-use for all groundsmen.  Supplied with two free drums of Direct white 10L ready-to-use line marking paint!

Using the same proven chassis and components to achieve a fantastic line, the Eco Pro significantly benefits from extras including a 25L paint tank, a 6L water tank for cleaning, as well as a larger battery for extended use.

Made in the UK from high-quality steel, the Eco Pro utilises a 3-stage filtration system combined with a high-pressure pump for perfect results.

Also suitable for marking lines on artificial turf, when used in conjunction with our AGP paint.


  • The Eco Pro is a battery-powered spray line marker that applies paint via a pump through a sprayhead and nozzle.
  • Designed for use on natural grass surfaces like football pitches or rugby pitches.
  • The Eco Pro can also be used on hard surfaces like concrete, car parks or athletics tracks.
  • Easily adjustable line width for 50, 75, 100, 120 or 150mm wide lines.
  • Supplied with a 25 litre paint tank and a 6 litre water tank.
  • Manufactured by hand at Pitchmark headquarters in Bristol, UK.
  • Supplied with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard* (* register online).
  • 12v 14ah SLA battery allows the user to mark up to 18 football pitches from one charge.
  • Weighs approximately 27kg when boxed.


Main features of the Eco Pro are:

  • Eco Pro designed for use with Pitchmark's Ecoline+ and Direct ready-to-use paint.
  • Easily converted for traditional water-diluted paints such as Extreme and Clubline.
  • High pressure system for consistent paint application.
  • Consistent application enables accurate costings per pitch to be made.
  • Removable battery for flexible recharging options.
  • Low impact on budget.
  • Accessibility to all parts allowing easy maintenance.
  • Robust chassis offering excellent stability.
  • Choice of nozzles, either for a concentrate or a ready-to-use paint.
  • Supplied with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Other Details

Suitable Paints:
Clubline, Extreme, Ecoline+

Warranty Information

Pitchmark's Eco and Classic markers are supplied with 3-year manufacturer's warranty.


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