The Hybrid spray line marking machine with 20 litres of Direct free. Mark multiple sports pitches with one battery charge, use with Pitchmark line marker paints when marking your grass sports pitches.
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Hybrid Spray Line Marker (with 20L Direct free!)

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30.00 KGS

Product Description

Pitchmark’s Hybrid is a premium line marker designed with and for sports turf professionals, and is perfect for use on stadium pitches.

Advanced patent-pending technology on the highly-engineered front wheel, combined with the proven spray system from the Eco Club and Eco Pro, give perfect results on the pitch.

Designed for use with our advanced Direct ready-to-use paint, the Hybrid includes a 25L paint tank for bleeding the system with less mess.

The Hybrid is manufactured in the UK and comes complete with a lifetime warranty when using Pitchmark paints.


Main features of the Hybrid are:

  • The Hybrid is a battery-powered spray line marker that applies paint via a pump through a sprayhead and nozzle.
  • Designed for use on professional natural grass surfaces like football pitches or rugby pitches.
  • Easily adjustable line width for line widths from 50 to 120mm.
  • Supplied with a 25 litre paint tank.
  • Manufactured by hand at Pitchmark headquarters in Bristol, UK.
  • Supplied with a lifetime warranty as standard when used with Pitchmark paints.* (* register online).
  • 12v 14ah SLA battery allows the user to mark up to 18 football pitches from one charge.
  • Weighs approximately 30kg when boxed.

View in 3D & AR:

View the user guide below:

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Other Details

Natural Grass, Artificial Grass
Machine Type:
Spray Marker
Line Width:
Adjustable between 50-100mm
12.5 Litres (25 Litres with additional paint tank)

Warranty Information

The Hybrid is manufactured in the UK and comes complete with a lifetime warranty when using Pitchmark paints.


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